Life of Vikram Talwar gives Fascinating Quotes

Fascinating quotes from Vikram Talwar, CEO of EXL Service, one of India’s largest BPOs. see the website on
” The toughest thing in life a human being has to do is make a decision. whether you are an entrepreneur, or a husband, or a wife, or a company. Decision making is tough because human nature is such that I hate to be wrong and I hate to be blame. And that’s why companies are run by committees ” (Vikram Talwar, EXL Service, Mumbai 2008)

” you are never too old to embark on a new adventure in life. You can retire, or reinvent yourself. The hair may be white but the heart can be as young as you want it to be!”

“It has to be an inner drive to succeed in what your objective is. And it cannot be money in mind. If you want to get into entrepreneurship to make money. I don’t think you will be as successful. Because ultimately there is only one thing that drives this : passion. I will quit the day I don’t have any more passion for this job. I am very certain”

” .. if you want to plan how to be an entrepreneur, get some solid experience – how companies work, how people are managed, what finance is all about”

“It’s tricky. Working with a partner requires a huge amount of sacrifice, understanding and tolerance. It’s like a marriage at the end of the day. I mean, worse than marriage.”

” however, life is never perfect. You make plans, they have to be changed. But you keep moving, keep flowing along. You simply keep taking decisions, on the fly”

This is what I called beyond words 

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