New Life


Sunday, 22 September 2013

Do we always say new life when we move to another step of our life such as moving from old house to the new one, moving from junior to high school, moving from single to married?

For me, new life is when I could open my eyes and breathe in every morning. It is brand new day for me and it always will be.

Yup, it will be more special when I open my eyes and I starts to try new step of my life. To be a married woman. New status is always along with new responsibility. I am a new married woman. I am a new wife. I do have new responsibility, it is simply broader my roles. It is lifetime work to always live up the love that just grow up between us. I know it is not easy but also not that difficult. It depends on our view as our view in our life. Life always brings us a challenges which for me, that life is all about.

P.S. The photo is Me and my husband and my two cute nephews. 





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